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“enroot” means to fix firmly, embed, or implant.

Mission Statement & Vision

A Word About our Company

“enroot” means to fix firmly, embed, or implant. “N” is the initial of the founder’s last name. The origins of the company’s work are deep-seated in a place of trust in the dance-making process as a synthesizing of aesthetic, kinesthetic, and cerebral experiences. Its participants are encouraged to realize personal and creative growth through the making of dance-art.  

Mission Statement:

The mission of N-root Danceart is to foster rich creative integrity within the choreographic process and sharing its performative virtues with diverse audiences. From a research-based and experimental approach to choreographing, N-root aims to connect with communities and artists through the process of generating and performing dances that are both memorable and meaningful.


To elaborate on the process of dance-making in a way that is authentic to oneself and inclusive to a broad spectrum of people. AND, to continue mining the relationship between human creativity and the world we live in. Through these actions N-root imagines a world of increased empathy and expanded perspective, within and outside of dance communities.